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Photography is my hobby, not my job!

I am an enthusiastic amateur photograher. Sometimes I sell an image, but not very often, and it is not my intention to make money from selling photographs or services. My objectives are to have fun and learn by capturing good photographic images in new situations. My greatest motivator is travel - when I am somewhere new, I find it easy to use my camera. When away, I try to capture everything from local culture to unusual wildlife. But even at home, I look for opportunities to take photographs, so I go to the beach, or to events to find subjects I like or haven't done before. I like street photography, in fact it's one of my favourite genres, and always seek out people looking good in interesting situations.

That's me behind the camera...

Photo of Me

I think people enhance many compositions, except of course wildlife or pure landscapes. Sometimes the subject knows I'm there, but mostly not. I never try to catch people in embarrassing situations - in fact I go to great lengths to make them look good, even though many will possibly never see their image. If you see your image here, and want it removed, just contact me.

Over the years I have used a variety of cameras, but at the moment my preferred machine is a Canon 5D Mk IV. It's pretty heavy, and where weight is a problem, I use a compact Nikon 1 AW1 which has the advantage of being waterproof. I use Creative Cloud Lightroom and Photoshop and always shoot in RAW. Presently, I'm experimenting with an Arsenal device which allows me to use my smart phone to set the camera while it's on a tripod and (maybe most importantly) for remote live-view, which is potentially useful if you want the camera way down low.



Here are some examples of my recent work, across a number of broad categories which do overlap. It's up to you if you like them, but the ones here are among my favourites. If you like any of them and would like a high resolution version without a watermark, contact me (see below) and let me know your interest and we'll sort out if I can let you have it. For commercial application, I would ask for payment, but private, community or non-profit users can have images for free as long as they attribute them to me.

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Very happy to receive your feedback!

Home Town: Sydney, Australia
Phone: +61 419 33 44 56
Email: ms@mikesalon.com